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    The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent St John Ambulance's positions, strategies or opinions.

    When the organisation wishes to communicate publicly as an organisation, it has well established links to do so. Only those officially designated by the St John Ambulance NHQ PR team for that specific instance have the authorisation to speak on behalf of the organisation.

    Any form of social networking, in isolation, is not the place to communicate St John Ambulance policies to St John Ambulance volunteers/employees. There are proven internal methods to do this.

    When posting on forums, communities, social networks and video sharing websites you should always be completely transparent and state your relationship with the organisation. Failure to disclose this information may result in negative posts/comments about you.

    Legal Liability for Personal/External Social Media

    St John Ambulance is not responsible or liable for the statements, acts or omissions of its employees/volunteers through or in connection with their use of social media channels.

    Individuals publicly using external electronic communications vehicles can be held personally liable for commentary deemed to be defamatory, obscene (as legally defined), proprietary or libellous (whether pertaining to St John Ambulance, other individuals, or any other company).

    St John Ambulance can only be represented by individuals explicitly authorised to do so. It is therefore recommended that employees who use social media channels externally exercise caution and good judgement with the subject content matter they address. Should third parties pursue legal action against such individuals for electronic dialogue on external channels St John Ambulance will not, and is not under any liability to join such action as defendant and will not, and is not liable to support such individuals with advice, legal counsel or otherwise. St John Ambulance will not and is not under any liability to compensate such individuals for any costs and damages suffered by them as a result of, or in association with such legal action.

    St John Ambulance can, furthermore, pursue legal action against any individual, whether a volunteer or employee as a result of the use by whom of social media channels St John Ambulance has suffered costs and/or damages.

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