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    QUB LINKS President

    Rachel Caines

    The president is the member in charge of the division and is fundamentally responsible for everything that goes on within the unit. If you have any problems or enquires that you are not sure who to address to please contact Rachel.


    • Ensuring all members have completed necessary paperwork
    • Membership support and recruitment
    • Ensuring committee roles are being successfully done
    • Ensuring smooth running of the division
    • Liaise with Students’ Union
    • Knowledge of regulations of running a division
    • Liaising with NI LINKS coordinator
    • Responsible for the health and safety within the unit

    VP Logistics

    Grace Geary

    If you have any problem with the running of the division feel free to raise them with either the President or Vice President


    • To support the president
    • Deputise for the president
    • Keep inventories and ordering FA supplies/ Uniform
    • Room bookings

    VP Social & Fundraising

    Lydia Roets & Sheerien Manzoor

    If you have any problem with the running of the division feel free to raise them with either the President or Vice President


    • Organising social events
    • Organising the annual “team building” weekend


    Megan Ryan

    The Treasurer is responsible for the accounts and money within the unit. Any queries regarding St John Ambulance, QUB LINKS finance should be directed to the treasurer


    • Maintaining the financial records of the unit
    • Authorising spending for the unit

    Training Officer

    Priscilla Cunningham, RN & Martin Dickson

    The training officer is responsible for making sure that all of the members have the required training to be able to come onto duty. She will make sure that you are booked onto the correct course and record training for the unit.


    • Booking of training events and communication with the Area training tea.
    • Organising training sessions
    • Making sure equipment for training is available
    • Keeping up with current St John Ambulance qualifications and regulations
    • Scheduling and resourcing revalidations for Roles
    • Setting up and maintaining good relations with trainers/assessors
    • Instructing members on how to get qualified and keeping them engaged

    Medical Coordinator

    Dr Grace Cuddy


    • To ensure QUB LINKS implements guidance from SJA NI Medical Department
    • Ensure the unit follows current medical guidelines
    • Develop CPR skills within the unit

    Operations & Duties

    Kristiane Cooke

    The operations coordinator is responsible for making sure that all of the duties QUB LINKS have volunteered for are covered and that we have a variety of different duties


    • Ensuring duties are staff correctly
    • Have a working knowledge of on duty 2005
    • To ensure that there are adequate skills on duty, and to ensure that members are suited to the roles they have been given on duty
    • Ensuring that adequate risk assessments and operational plans have been compiled for every duty
    • Ensure post-duty paperwork is correctly completed and returned DHQ
    • Liaise with the VP logistics regarding lending of equipment and uniform
    • Produce and update Operational Orders for all LINKS duties

    Unit Secretary

    Samuel Bell

    The secretary is responsible for the successful completion and filing of all the St John Ambulance related paperwork. This includes areas such as membership administration and duty hour logging.


    • Updating the unit register
    • Ensuring membership forms are completed
    • Taking minutes at committee meetings


    Sheerien Manzoor & Daniel McNally

    Grace is responsible for the update of the website and social network areas.


    • Updating the website
    • Updating social network sites
    • Producing the weekly LINKS update email

    Contact Details

    If you need to contact any of the Committee please contact us through or the oncall LINKS pager on 07623779572

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